Christ-Centered Missionary Baptist Church

First Lady Dr. Ella Justice

"The Pastor's Help Mate"

First Lady Dr. Ella Justice has been by the side of Dr. Edward Justice since 1970 and still going strong~ Together they share 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren whom they raised to trust and depend on the word of God.

It takes a special woman to be a pastor’s wife, for your life is not simple and your task is not easy, you stand behind our faithful pastor to weep, smile, and pray with him as he teaches and guides us.

She knows him well; she encourages him and shares him with everyone who needs him both day and night. Sis. Dr. Ella Justice stands beside him no matter what is thrown their way.

She has made massive sacrifices for him and the church beyond words, her selflessness does not go unnoticed. One can say she Is the unsung hero in the church.

She sometimes been hurt, needing hugs authentic and tight for she gets discouraged like everyone else, so lift up our Pastor’s Wife~

The Good Wife

Who can find a virtuous women? For her price is far above Rubies

Proverbs 31: 10


5200 David Strickland
Fort Worth, TX 76119

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8:30 AM
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6:30 P.M.
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7:00 P.M.
Youth Bible Study
7:00 P.M.

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